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Ours is a website dedicated to random facts.

We started back in 2010 with a small Facebook page. Soon after we started getting more and more followers which made me think of starting a website.

We had to go through a name change a few years back. Because of that we had a minor set back and our growth was stuck. But soon after we picked up our speed again. Now we have grown into a 21,000+ fan page. Our growth was slow but with a steady pace.

Our aim is to fill our readers’ minds with random tidbits of knowledge. But for that, we have to make sure our facts are trustworthy. In our early days we used to rely on our social media profiles to interact with our fans but soon we realized that was not enough. So nowadays, to make sure our facts are not misleading we try to cite each and every fact of ours with reference links from Wikipedia or from other reputed sources. If you think any of our facts are wrong or outdated, please contact us using our social media platforms. this way we will be able to remove any misleading facts.

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Welcome to QuikFacts, hope your have a blast reading our random facts. Feel free to use the images and facts from our website to share with your friends, we don’t need any credit. In return we only ask you to let a few of your friends know about our website. We do this purely as a hobby and I would really appreciate it if you share this website with your friends.

About us
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